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Tucson, AZ and Page, AZ October 1998

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While he was stationed at RAF Bentwaters from 1973-1977, Hap was a Range Officer. The 81st Wing provided Range Officers for the range at Wainfleet Range on the north side of The Wash. Hap enjoyed the Ranger job so much that he volunteered to remain a Range Officer beyond the normal one year tour. That ended up making him the Wing Range Officer, which after a few months gave him the position of Third Air Force Range Officer. That position made him the Royal Air Force Range Officer, as the RAF had no pilot Range Officers, rather they used Air Traffic Controllers for the job. However, when a bombing range was modified or opened, a real Range Officer was required to sign off on the range.

Thus, when RAF Donna Nook opened on the mouth of the Humber River, the very shore upon which Bon Homme Richard and Serapis fought their legendary battle, Hap spent a month their opening the range.

At RAF Donna Nook, Hap met Bob Denton, the RAF Flight Sergeant running the new range. They kept in touch over the years. In the early-1990s, Bob and his wife Kay (Mrs. Kay) started spending their October holidays in the states, normally finishing up in the San Diego area.

In 1998, Bob, Kay, Dru, Jack and Hap made a trip in the Aztec to Tucson, so everyone could see the boneyard at Davis-Monthan AFB. Their they visited the Phantoms that Hap had left there, as well as Debbie Childress and her kids, Allison and Bill. They also spet time at the Pima County Air Museum, the place with one of everything that passes through the boneyard, then some. Then, they went on to Page to visit Lake Powell. They rented a 23' boat from Aramark, later to be a very important client and saw Rainbow Bridge.

Sadly this turned out to be Bob's last trip to the States, he passed away the following year.




196 TRS jets in the boneyard

63-0742, Hap's last RF-4C, the oldest and lowest time F-4 still flying when parked

Good jets waiting to be drones




Dru, Debbie Childres, Allison, Bill & Jack in jail

Looking down river from Glen Canyon Dam

Bob, Mrs. Kay, Dru & Jack on Glen Canyon Dam




Bob, Mrs. Kay, Dru & Jack on Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon Dam

Jack & Bill Childress in Jail




Mrs. Kay & Jack in the BT-13 cockpit

Jack in Jail

Jack and Mr. O




Jack in Jail

Dru & Bob

Jack, Dru & Hap




Rainbow Bridge

Bob, Dru, Jack & Mrs. Kay

Bob, Dru, Jack & Mrs. Kay




SR-71 & D21Drone

Dru, Jack, Bob & Mrs. Kay at Wahweap Lodge

Sunset at Wahweap Lodge