Mr. O

Oinks Pigrat Arnold - The Crew's Navigator


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Oinks Pigrat Arnold

Oinks, commonly called Mr. O, is our crew's Navigator. Mr. O shares the same birthday as Jack, 26 October 1992. As you may be able to tell from his photographs, Mr. O is a pigrat. Pigrats, while sharing the general form of a pig, are the size of a rat. Mr. O is about seven inches tall and extremely talkative. Mr. O knows what he likes and makes sure everyone else knows also. Where we go, so goes Mr. O. Always has, always will. It is commonly held that Mr. O shares brainspace with Hap.



Mr. O taking a fix over Grand Canyon

Jack and Mr. O at rest



The Flight Engineer and Nav hard at work

Mr. O celebrating the Corps Birthday

Jack, Mr. O and Dru roasticating at Honolulu International Airport