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We are members of The Church of the Faithful Centurion.

We meet Sunday mornings at 1000, currently at our home.

Our Motto is ScriptureReasonTradition and we have been serving God since 37 AD

Who are Anglicans?

Often described as the Middle Way, walking a straight line between Roman Catholicism and radical Protestantism, Anglicans are Christians with their roots in the Church of England. The Church came to England in the first century AD with Roman soldiers and merchants. Although there are no written records until the fifth century, legend holds that Joseph of Arimethea, who provided the tomb for the burial of Jesus Christ, brought Christianity to England in 37 AD. He is said to have built a church in Glastonbury in Somerset. Whether Joseph of Arimethea was the first to carry the faith to England or not, Christianity did arrive in England by the middle of the first century and was established there by the middle of the second century. Read more (a pdf document of about 184Kb)