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Charles William Arnold - The Crew's Pilot


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Charles William Arnold

Hap is crew's Pilot and Chief Factotum. He was born two days after Christmas in 1949. Hap and Dru met at the last Guard party at Ontario ANGB, as the Grizzlies were moving to March AFB, while Hap was a major. He graduated from the University of San Diego in 1971 with double majors of Physics and Mathematics, double minors of History and English. He flew F-4C/D/Es on active duty with the USAF. He was assigned to the 91TFS, 81TFW RAF Bentwaters from 1973-1977, flying the F-4D, as well as OH-58s and UH-1s with the Second Brigade of the Eighth Infantry Division of the US Army. After leaving active duty, joined Arnold and Arnold, Inc., the family business and the California Air National Guard at Ontario IAP and March AFB, where he flew the famous M-108 FAC Jeep and the O-2A/B. He also flew Boeing 727s for Contintental Airlines until 1983. Continuing his non-career in the Air National Guard, he flew the F-4C/E and RF-4C, the KC-135E/Rs; retiring in as a Lieutenant Colonel and 163 OG/DO in 1997 after an aircraft accident, he continues to fly his company's Aztec.

Hap is an ordained minister and Rector of the Church of the Faithful Centurion, a parish of the Anglican Orthodox Church.

When he has time off, he spends it with his family.



Jack and Hap as Men in Black

Jack, Dru and Hap at Rainbow Bridge



Jack and Hap

Jack, and, Hap



Hap, Dru and Jack at Johnson County Airport with Mr. Aztec

Greg, Milt, Bob and Hap at a Grizzly Fly In



Jack and Hap on BOWFIN in 2005

Jack, Hap and William in 2000

Mark McDermott and Hap at the Sunderland Party 2007