Drusilla Marie Arnold - The Crew's Co-Pilot


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Drusilla Marie Arnold

Dru is crew's Co-Pilot and Medical Officer. She was born on Ground Hog Day in 1955. Dru and Hap met at the last Guard party at Ontario ANGB, as the Grizzlies were moving to March AFB. Dru is a Registered Nurse (RN). She thought that Hap was having such a wonderful time flying about that she joined the Air Force Reserve as a Flight Nurse at the now closed Norton AFB. Dru was the family's contribution to Desert One. Once Jack was born, Captain Arnold left the reserves. Shortly thereafter, she became a full time mom and teacher. Dru is currently in charge of Equine Development at Ratte Ranch.



Dru and Jack at the Main Event

Jack, Dru and Hap at Rainbow Bridge



Dru,Jack, Bob and Kay Denton at Wahweap Lodge, Lake Powell

Jack, Dru, Hap, Courtney and Kurtis at their wedding

Ryan Cardin, Dru and Jack at Vance AFB with Ryan's T-37