Jackson Eugene Arnold - The Crew's Flight Engineer


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Jackson Eugene Arnold

Our Flight Engineer Jack shares the same birthday as Mr. O, 26 October 1992. Jack is a talented fellow with varied interests. He graduated from Western Governors University in April 2014 with a major in Accounting and begins his Masters in Business Administration Program in November 2014 at the same school. He works at our office heading up the Collections Department and is learning the adjusting business. Jack is the Associate Minister at our church and all around musician. Jack is an advanced guitar student studying with Father Ironhand. Jack studied Taekwando under Master Instructor Scott Berry at the Purple Belt level. He is an excellent shot with a rifle, pistol and shotgun. His favorite pieces are a M1911 and a CAR-15. His favorite shooting pastime is pumpkin rolling. He also participated in a local Shakespearean company, The Pine Valley Players. Jack recently played the part of Malvolio in the Twelfth Night and Joseph in Christmas through the Ages. Jack is a qualified tactical military vehicle operator up to 1 1/4 tons. His current car is a 1973 VW Thing, Mr. K.

Jack loves flying and will be taking formal lessons from a real instructor as soon as N150SH or N7543C are flyable.

In the meantime, Jack has taken up horse riding and we have a horse, actually two point two horses. With a great grandfather who was in the Seventh Cavalry and a grandfather who learned to ride there, Jack was ready to ride! He started Western and then switched to "Eastern" or "English" style riding. Perhaps inspired by our friends the Langstaffs, he bought an Australian saddle, which he thinks is a combination of East and West, kind of like a modern version of a cavalry saddle. Then, he got a M1936 Phillips Cavalry Saddle. Sadly he does not know how it rides, the horses are larger now. Who is not? Take a look!

Back to the guitar! Jack's real passion, outside of being a "phone geek", is playing the guitar. He is working on putting together a band - Superfluity. The name comes from the General Epistle of Saint James, the First Chapter, beginning at the Seventeenth Verse, "…lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls."

Superfluity is a Christian Rock Band, sometimes heavy metal, sometimes classic hymns. Always unpredictable and entertaining, always to the Glory of God.

Superfluity the Band


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Men in Black - Jack and Hap

Jack and Mr. O at rest



Jack is bigger now, Mr. O is not.

Bond, Jack Bond



Jack dancing with Jenny Winters

Jack in 174, a FRG F-4F



Nick, Jack & Father Acker

Jack reading the Epistle

Father Acker, Jack and Nick blessing of the creche for Christmas 2007