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Jack and Greg Chase from our church traveled to Nashotah House in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin from 21 July 2009 to 5 August 2009. Seventeen days, 5,089 miles in the Black Ford. All trouble free until the last leg when the air conditioner failed outside Yuma. Only 128F, no big deal. Nashotah House is a "conservative" seminary claiming to be Anglican, recently Episcopal. They do not follow or teach our form of Christianity, though on many counts they are fairly close. The school seems to have been of value to Greg. Hap read the entire 196 page course outline and thought it to be one of Bob Balslev's self-licking ice cream cones, but made of spit. Seems like the most useful part of the trip churchwise was the daily morning and evening prayer they held.

They made it in time to go to the local real Anglican church and meet up with Father Slagle.

Right after they got there, Hope and Ralph DeLong from the office stopped by on their way home from the airshow at Oshkosh. A fun night!

While Greg went to school, Jack worked on his computer, did some math and guitar and more or less hung out. He worked one day at Nashotah House. Then, the opportunity of a lifetime - Christy Sizemore! Christy, a good friend of Kathy Cardin, stopped by and the pair went eating and kyaking until Jack could no longer move.

On the way back from Oconomowoc, the pair stopped in Overland Park, Kansas to see Paul Martin and go to church with him at the local Anglican church.

Hap and Dru joined the interpid pair at Carlsbad Caverns to see the bats and explore the caverns. Dru, Jack and Greg had never been, Hap was there in 1971. Same bats, it seems. A handy deal, if you are already a disabled Veteran you can get a free life time pass to the Park System and take four people with you! A good deal, not worth the problems that go with the pass, though. After the caverns, Jack and Greg drove on to Deming, New Mexico. Hap and Dru were already there. Seems 180 knots in the Aztec beats the Black Ford's 75 miles per hour. In Deming, after a shower the gang met with Bishop Win Mott from church for dinner. What a wonderful man. Back to the hotel, through a towering thunderstorm and to bed. In the morning, Hap and Dru flew home, Jack and Greg drove home.

In any event, the accounts of their travels can be found on a blog that Jack kept right here: HERE It is a hoot, read it. If you want more pictures, they can be found right here: HERE

If you don't care, you probably did not read this far.