Jackson Eugene Arnold - The Crew's Flight Engineer


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Jack's Riding

In July 2009, Jack and Dru decided it would be a good idea to learn to ride a horse and learn properly. After looking carefully at all the options in the area, they decided on a local stable Horse of the Sun, now defunct, in Pine Valley just up the hill. Jack started out slowly. Afterall, he had only seen horses and sat on Uncle Tuck's police horse Beau one time. Apprehensive at first, he quickly settled in. First riding Western style on Cowboy and Cupcake with Instructor Lindsay, he moved to English style riding on Dillon with Instructor Ryan. Jack is a fast learner and loves horses. His great grandfather started out as a trooper in the Seventh Cavalry and left this world as the Judge Advocate General of the Third Infantry Division! His grandfather learned to ride at the Seventh's stables as the son of the JAG. Perhaps inspired by our friends the Langstaffs, he bought an Australian saddle, which he thinks is a combination of East and West, kind of like a modern version of a cavalry saddle.

Jack has now been riding for several years and now has a horse of his own, Buttercup. She is a beautiful, well mannered and very nice mare with a tremendous amount of training in her past. Buttercup had been abandoned by her owner, who decided to give her to us. The more Jack rode Buttercup, the more he found out she already knew that.

A horse was a major addition to our family. One should be enough, but, Audrey found Luke and Leia on a feed lot, they were going to be eaten. Two little horses, about a year old. They should not be eaten. So, Audrey rescued them and we adopted them. Luke is the beige clown, Leia is the black and white Princess with very sore feet. If you would like to know more about them, look HERE. Then came Liberty, the huge fellow.

One thing followed another and the horses followed us home. There is now a Major AC Arnold Stable established in our back yard. If you have a stable, you need a truck and three horse trailer. They live there now, also.

The latest is that Jack had joined the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association and is participating in Cowboy Action Shooting, which can be seen HERE.

After a number of horses, he settled on Buttercup, who became part of the family, a Horserat, so to speak

Jack started riding Dillon


Buttercup and Jack get along very well!


Instructor Ryan and Jack talk it over


Buttercup is thinking about treats!


Rounding the arena


Jack at the Del Mar Polo Grounds on Freckles

Jack at the Del Mar Polo Grounds on Freckles


Jack at the Del Mar Polo Grounds on Freckles

Jack at the Del Mar Polo Grounds on Freckles